The accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services industry generated $18.8 billion in operating revenue in 2016. Per Stats Canada:

  • Bookkeeping, financial statement compilation, and payroll services as the primary source of revenue with a share of 28.1%.
  • Auditing and other assurance services came in second at 27.6%.
  • The third-largest source of revenue was taxation preparation and presentation services at 26.7%.
  • Businesses generated 12.0% of their sales from management consulting services.
  • The remainder of the industry's sales resulted from other sales of goods and services (3.0%) and insolvency and receivership
    services (2.5%).

One of the services we can provide to an accounting firm is Data Entry.

Our receipt solution is able to supply the alternative accounting and bookkeeping service that provides an efficient, accurate, and cost-saving invoice intelligent entry program. We at Datamond provide superior quality to accounting firm will be our prioritized pursue.


Price is based on volume. Whatever you choose, one thing remains certain is our solution will provide our clients a time-saving, convenient, safe, accurate, easy-to-storage data extraction experience.