If I forgot my password, can I use the same email address to register a new account?

If the email address is used for an existing account, it can not be reused. You may click “forgot the password” link to reset your password.

How do I create a user account?

There are TWO ways of creating a user account.

One is that User is able to create user account directly from the app.

The other one, please visit website https://receiptcanada.com in your web browser and follow the instruction to create a user account. Then go back to Receipt Canada app for your account access.

I am a regular individual user, not a self-employed. Can I use this app?

Sure thing, take it. Definitely help your tax filing. Scan your receipt or expense, digitally store your data accurately, or export to Excel. Then email to your Tax Preparer, it will save you tons of time.  

I downloaded the APP, how do I scan a receipt?

There are TWO ways to scan a receipt.

User can click the Camera button of the app to take a picture and upload it directly by clicking UPLOAD, or User can click the app’s UPLOAD button to choose an existing picture/image from your album.

If I did not find the email after clicked “forgot the password link”, should I contact ReceiptCanada?

It might take upto 5 minutes to send out the email with the password reset link.

If I found the amount did not match the actual amount in the receipt, what should I do?

Sometimes, the picture is blurry. If the amount is not accurate, you can manually adjust it to ensure it matches the actual amount in the receipt.

Once I upload the picture, I could not find the receipt in the list. What should I do?

Amend your Search range in Time, as it may fall out of the predefined time range. Newly uploaded receipts will appear in the “Recently Added” section.

If I need to store a file in my local drive, how do I export to an Excel file?

Log on to our website, click on the receipt from the side menu, then select the receipts you want to export. After it is done, click “Export receipts to CSV” file button. Follow the instruction to export it.

How do I search for a receipt?

From the APP, you can search a receipt by Date, or from our website dashboard to do a search by more criteria.

If I upload the picture and did not receive the confirmation message, should I continue to upload?

If you upload a picture and nothing happened, please be patient and the confirmation message will appear.

Can I change the receipt status from my phone?

Yes, you can change the status from the APP or through our website dashboard once you verified the amount.

I could not find the company in my vendor list, what should I do?

You can always add a vendor name and upload its logo. Please make sure the new vendor is linked to a corresponding Charter of Account in your accounting software.

Do I need internet connecting when I use Receipt Canada?

You do not need an Internet connection to access or use the features of the app. Synchronization, though, would require connection. When upload the receipt, would need internet connection.

How do I manage the receipt and link it to my QuickBooks?

Please refer to the user guide for step by step instruction.

Please contact us at contact@receiptcanada.com if anything is missing.