Our Company


Receipt Canada is the affiliate of Datamond System Inc.

Datamond System Inc is a high-tech software service company registered in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

We committed to optimizing the traditional tax management model of small and medium-sized enterprises and helping the majority of commercial customers to achieve intelligent taxation. Our current product is an intelligent identification entry system software, which can readily convert paper receipts into digital information through the mobile phone App and conveniently upload it to various accounting software and integrate it with tax reporting software, literally bookkeeping on cloud.

In contrast to the traditional invoice entry method, Datamond's solution can greatly solve the customer pain points such as the time-consuming, low work efficiency, heavy burden, and error-prone generation of the manual entry invoice system, providing efficient and time-saving, fast, convenient, and safe accurate, cost-saving, and easy-to-storage invoice intelligent entry program. This will be a leap in the accounting and tax digitalization.

Mission Statement

Optimize the power of the mobile devices to improve the unproductive accounting data entry, and devote to be a leading e-bookkeeping platform in Canada.

Our Team

Our team consists of vibrant highly skilled professionals who dedicated to deliver the quality service and efficient solutions. Our backgrounds in marketing, sales, customer service, software engineering as well as accounting and tax bring comprehensive and practical improvements to the dull and laborious accounting data entry work.


Business Unit

This strategic unit focuses on marketing, sales, customer service, and liaison with accounting & tax experts.


Technology Unit

This unit provides software engineering, include implementing website and mobile app, as well as tech support.


Finance Unit

The unit helps the business in finance, HR, employee training, and corporation planning.