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  • Visit App Store, or Google Play store;
  • Search RECEIPT CANADA by Datamond;
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  • RECEIPT CANADA Icon will show on your phone home page after successfully installed.

Six Reasons to download RECEIPT CANADA

  • Effortless receipt collection: Our solution makes it easy for users to collect and upload receipts.
  • Accurate data extraction: Our solution is able to accurately extract relevant data from the receipts, including merchant name, date, receipt number, sub total amount, HST, total amount, and payment method.
  • Categorization and tagging: Our solutions have the ability to automatically categorize and tag receipts based on pre-defined rules or user preferences.
  • Chart of accounts integration: Our solution is able to integrate with popular accounting software, such as QuickBooks, Sage 50 and Xero, and seamlessly import expenses into the correct accounts.
  • Cloud-based storage: We provide secure, cloud-based storage for all receipts, ensuring that they are easily accessible and can be retrieved as needed.
  • Reporting and analytics: We provide robust reporting and analytics features, allowing users to track expenses, identify trends, and generate custom reports.


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